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Ceara Lynch - Cruel Cuckolding

Ceara Lynch - Cruel Cuckolding

I�ve ruined another pathetic loser�s relationship. For the first time, it was his fianc?e that was doing the cuckolding with some other asshole. The poor guy just loves to be walked over by women. So, as a newly single man, he�s been begging to become my new slave. I think I�ll start off with shoving my feet in his face and make him sniff and worship my perfect soles and toes. Since he prefers to be at a woman�s feet, I can already tell he will be a good sub slave boy. His addiction to being humiliated by me has no limits. He wants it all! The teasing, the mocking, being degraded, blackmailed into doing whatever I wish, and even rubbing in the fact that he�d rather serve a domme then become a loving husband. Watch as I exploit his willingness to serve me and fulfill his dreams of becoming my blackmailed foot sniffing foot fag.

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