» » Perilous Pedicures! Ticklish Investment!

Perilous Pedicures! Ticklish Investment!

Perilous Pedicures! Ticklish Investment!

Lena Laffovich's (LauriAdverb) Pedicure Omega formula has been stolen by Woo Chang, but as long as Lena owns the patent, her wealth is assured. However, she needs money for now, for further research and development. Enter Miranda Stone, a buxom and bossy heiress, capable of easing Lena's financial woes. Miranda considers giving Lena a grant, but first Lena must become her foot slave! The busty Amazon rich bitch forces Lena to massage, sniff and worship her big, beautiful feet, but the tables turn when Miranda is put to sleep, by a special foot massage technique. She awakes bound and at Lena's mercy! The long, shapely feet that once knew pleasure at Lena's massage and worship, now wriggle and writhe in tickled anguish, as feathers and agile fingers attack the eccentric heiress's sensitive soles and twitching toes! This epic clips has it all for foot fans: foot massage, foot worship, foot smelling, foot domination and LOTS of foot-tickling! (HD)

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