» » Holiday Villa - Muddy Feet Worship and Domination

Holiday Villa - Muddy Feet Worship and Domination

Holiday Villa - Muddy Feet Worship and Domination

PART1 - EXTREME Muddy Feet Worship And Humiliation - REAL MUD!!!

Some rich slaves (not like us that we are not even poor) gifted a holiday villa by the sea to Rea and Roberta and they came here and brought us with them to do all the dirty work, cook and of course be dominated. We like the holiday house, we can stay also in the yard, not only in the house like in the city. But our suffering is double, as we have so many things to do and the bitches hurt us even more!

I have in my hands a bottle of water from those that they buy, I never Tipsy any of this in my life, I am sure it will tastes so good! I collect my courage and I go to Rea that relaxes on the yard with Roberta and I ask her if I can please, please drink of this divine water. Rea laughs and says that of course no, I can still drink from the rain water that is collected in a bawl. I beg her some more and she goes to my water and throws a glass full of it in the mud, she stands on the mud and she gets her feet supermuddy! 'If you are thirsty, I will help you, in face I am so kind that I will give you to eat also!', she says and she keeps making her feet dirty!

Rea commands me to go down at her feet and she steps on my face and pushes it in the mud and commands me to lick her dirty feet! I am ready to cry, but I do as she says. She sits on the grass and commands me to lay down and she starts to wipe her feet on my face and tongue to clean them. She spits on my mouth for watering it and she starts to get more and more dominant, footsmothering me and foot gagging me, as my mouth and face are totally full of mud!

PART2 - Muddy Feet Worship, Washing And Domination

I want to wash my face and the only water that I can find is in the bawl that we drink. I start washing my muddy face, hoping that it will rain again so we will have to drink. But Rea comes and gets angry, because I dare to clean my face before I clean her feet! She makes me lick her dirty feet again and she puts them in the water and make me eat the mud. She makes her feet muddy again and she makes me eat more. She starts to push with her feet my face in the dirty water and keeps me there until I almost pass out...she does it again and again! Rea washes her feet in the water, making it really dirty, she kicks me on the ground, she takes the bawl of the dirty water and she makes me drink it!

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