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Czech Soles - Petra - Gym foot freak

Czech Soles - Petra - Gym foot freak

Charlie comes to gym several times a week for the last year but he still looks the same. That may be because he's not working out but trying to sniff girls feet, socks and shoes whenever he can. He's turned on by girl's sweaty feet so much that he just can't resist it. It's like a drug to him. He's trying not to be noticed doing it to avoid the embarrassment of being caught. This time he's sniffing Petraand shoes but she knows very well what's going on. "You're sniffing my feet and shoes again?" she asks. Charlie is stunned and Petra explains that other girls warned her about him. But how do they all know?? Petra: "I don't mind if you'll sniff my feet. Just don't creep around and don't try to hide it.". That's what Charlie wanted to hear!

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