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Glam Worship - I'll Have The Job

Glam Worship - I'll Have The Job

"I don't really have any skills or qualifications.. or anything that you're looking for really. I'm not interested in this line of work at all to be honest, but the salary interests me. But I was thinking you might be able to up the salary? I was hoping you might be able to give me the job now...."
It's not just the her incredible figure... it's not just her bare legs or the black patent high heels that take you back when Rebecca struts into your office for the job interview-. it's the sheer, outrageous cheek! It's as if she knows she's got the job even before she sits down. With a broad smile on her face, she tells you outright that she has no relevant skills or any interest in this job. But she does mention a love for money and shopping, and lifts a new pair of heels onto your desk to prove the point. Her blue eyes stare deep into your mind and the scent of a young girl's bare sweaty feet hit you hard. Without even knowing what words have come out of your mouth, you are sniffing her feet, frantically inhaling despite her laughter! You can't help but nod your head in response to her increasing demands.
It gets worse and your new employee uses every ounce of her body and her mesmerizing scent to get you to agree to terms that will probably result in you being fired. She even gets you to sign them! And then with an unbelievable arrogance, she leaves you shocked and confused with a throbbing bulge in your pants and a taste of sweaty feet on your lips.

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