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The Tickle Room - Nellys Farewell - Playing Foot Games

The Tickle Room - Nellys Farewell - Playing Foot Games

THE NELLY FINALE IS HERE!!!! So for those who do not know Nelly was a random model I spoke to about tickling long ago. She was VERY interested in it and decided she wanted to try it and for the first time ever WE DID IN PUBLIC. It was awesome and fun. It was a hot clip and we decided it was time to get her in for real. She then became a popular Tickle Room model. Almost becoming the MOST popular models. She then took a hiatus which struck me as odd since she was so ready for more content. I would later find out that she was being contacted by DOZENS of people about her feet, tickling, and people were saying UGLY things. So she never wanted to do it again. But then after a long talk she decided to finish this ONE custom for a VERY long fan of ours. She was actually excited to. We decided that we would also make this our LAST shoot. We would shoot as much content as she could handle and call it that. So lets begin with PART 1 of Nellys Farewell! With one of our FAVORITE CUSTOMS "Playing Foot Games"

For those who do not know "Playing Foot Games" is when our models have their ankles tied and facing the tickler. We then get some SERIOUS foot tickling in and today it is Nelly with her SEXY and SUPER SOFT size 7 feet. Nelly LOVES to take care of ALL OF HER body. Her feet are NO exception. After no tickling for so LONG she is EXTRA sensitive with EXTRA soft feet. We start with Nelly classic in sneakers and socks. We get one shoe off at a time and SLOWLY tickle her socked feet. During this WHOLE VIDEO her feet are just placed HUGE in frame for a nice CLEAR view of her sexy soles. She also crunches her toes ALOT. So after some SLOW sock tickling we switch it up to SLOWLY peeling her socks off exposing BARE feet. But the trick is they HAVE to stay on her toes. I then SLOWLY tickle her soles before SPEEDING UP letting my fingers FLY across her soles. She LOSES her mind and loses her socks! But then its time for my NEXT fun game "This little piggy"! Unfortunately for Nelly she does not know the tune very well leading to MORE tickling. But that also leads to her punishment-..LOTION. But the cap was not working with me-..so I took WAY to much lotion by accident and this TORTURES Nelly since her feet are now VERY EASY To tickle. This leads to her SCREAMING into laughter and ANOTHER fun game of This Little Piggy! But-.MORE torturous and it even leads to a Nelly Snort! (that happens?!?!?!). Now we lead to the NEXT game. Silent tickles. Nelly is gonna get tickled but she CANNOT LAUGH. If she laughs or covers her mouth she will get tickled WORSE every time. Suprinsingly enough she PASSES! But to a cost-..we up the game tempo breaking out BABY OIL, A toe tie, and the brush. But since she failed to many of the games she gets this as a BIG punishment. So the WHOLE time she has to say "I have very ticklish feet, and I love getting my feet tickled". Foot lovers enjoy-.this is a clip for you

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