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Mrs Mischief - Footboner

Mrs Mischief - Footboner

You're one of those 'foot guys', aren't you? You're so into feet that you barely even notice anything else. You'd probably just like to sit there and watch me slowly peel off my sneakers and smelly socks, and wiggle my bare feet under your nose...wouldn't you?

I've heard about you foot perverts - you're not even interested in looking at my tits are you? How about a peek at my pussy? Mm-hmm, that's what I thought; you'd rather just stare at my feet and jerk off. Look at that big foot boner you have! Come on, pull it out...let me see it...go ahead and play with it...you know you want to.

I'll just try to sit here quietly and not giggle at how silly this all is - you, kneeling in front of me, with your rock-hard cock in your hand, jerking it to the sight and smell of my bare feet.

There's no WAY I'm going to let you cum on my pretty feet, but you can pull on your dick, right there in front of me, while I watch, until you pop.

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