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I WANT FEET - I'm Sorry But I'm Glad

I WANT FEET - I'm Sorry But I'm Glad

So Sadie has a confession to make to her step sister Michelle. She has to tell her she read her Diary. Michelle is a little bit upset because there are some personal things in there and a few things about Sadie that are kind of embarrassing. Well Sadie wanted her to know that she's really sorry but she's also glad. You see Sadie knows what exactly why she wouldn't want anyone to read it because of the things in there about her liking feet. Especially things about her liking Sadie's feet but Sadie is glad because now she can finally reveal that she has been staring at Michelle's feet the whole time too. Ever since their parents got together it seems both girls have been hiding the fact that they secretly covet the other's feet. It seems that Michelle likes Sadie's big feet and Sadie likes Michelle's tiny feet! They take a moment to compare feet and enjoy them and the topic of foot worship comes up. Sadie wants to try on Michelle's tiny little feet. Michelle is happy to oblige and so Sadie gets down and goes to town DEVOURING her tiny little soles. She licks her tiny wrinkles getting them nice and WET to the point where Michelle can't take it anymore. Michelle wants Sadie's big soles with her deep wrinkles and for good reason. Michelle's tongue IS RIDICULOUS!!! She DRAGS her tongue SLOW AND DEEP. Michelle's sole licking is amazing to see! Then she deeply devours Sadie's foot as she tries to eat it. The girls agree that now that things are out in the open there will be more of this going on. Sadie also asks if Michelle might introduce her to more of her friends she talks about in her Diary!

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