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The Mistress B - Patriotic Feet

The Mistress B - Patriotic Feet

It doesn't matter if you celebrate the fourth of July or not, every day is a day to celebrate these beautiful, patriotic feet. But even pathetic, lowly foot bitches party it up sometimes; right? But the way you enjoy the holiday is most likely different than the way I'm celebrating. You are pathetic and lowly. You worship the ground on which I walk and the feet, socks and flip-flops upon which I walk. I am gorgeous, sexy; I am a goddess. I go out to parties, attend festivities, go shopping and meet my friends for drinks. Whereas you find yourself at home, tugging away at your pathetic, lowly, foot-addicted dick. This is true for not just Independence Day, but for every other holiday, and every day of your life. Accept it, foot bitch. Get down on your knees, buy this clip, and worship my patriotic feet.

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