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Young Goddess Kim - Pantyhose Foot butler

Young Goddess Kim - Pantyhose Foot butler

As My butler, I expect u to come immediately when I ring the bell. I�m quite annoyed that you have taken so long to respond when I summon u. I don�t think u really know your place. you r My butler, & you do anything I tell you! I am your superior, is that understood? I�m going to make you understand exactly what it means to work for Me and serve Me. you have been working hard cleaning and running errands today, but I have another task 4 you. Remove My shoes! My pantyhose feet have been in these all day, I stretch & flex My feet and toes as My sweet aroma wafts to u. you are going to clean My pantyhose feet thoroughly, using your mouth and tongue. you are going to lick My pantyhose feet clean right from the bottom of My heel to the top of My toes. Open your mouth wide and put it around the top of My foot, you are going to suck My pantyhose toes just like a good little butler. So pathetic, u look like you are enjoying that�. I progress with ordering u how to clean My feet and explain the details of how your job as My butler, now foot butler, has just got much more�exciting.

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