» » Anika Fall - Poppers Crazed Foot Worship Anal

Anika Fall - Poppers Crazed Foot Worship Anal

Anika Fall - Poppers Crazed Foot Worship Anal

This was a custom clip order. No names were used in the clip. Foot slut thinks he can worship this superior feet at no cost. mindlessly jerking away that tiny pathetic pin dick with 2 fingers. No more! These feet own everything about you, and all you can do with that tiny pecker is entertain Your Goddess. I�ll exploit your addictions. Pop open a bottle of poppers and get sniffing deeply to every wiggle of My toes. Get high and dazed. Now worship and devour My feet. For the privilege you shall humiliate yourself before Me. Keep sniffing foot slut.

Feet, poppers, feet, poppers. Is that slut hole gaping and ready to take it? Wide enough to take My foot? You wish. Open your slutty mouth and take My foot as you steady your hole over that super thick dildo. Wiggle wiggle, sniff sniff. Now for a spit roasting. Slide down on that M0nst3r cock. I want to fuck you with My foot. Pushing you against that dildo. Keep sniffing, I never said stop, slut. Look at that tiny penis, so limp with all those fumes turning your brain to mush, making you ever more impotent. It has gone from big toe to pinky size! Oh these feet and poppers take you places you�ve never been before. Pounding your arsehole, foot in your mouth, bottle up your nostrils, inhaling and impaling until I count your tiny dick down to a pathetic anal orgasm spitting tiny blebs at My soles. Slurp up! Start sniffing and riding again while at My feet. Every time I desire I cum tax for your pathetic ruined orgasms you�ll oblige. Fund My pedicures, relinquishing your 2 finger tugs for eternity haha *** To sum it up, you�re my foot slut. You worship my feet as I encourage you to sniff po

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