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Rent Alternative

You've just arrived home from work and your cute roommate Honey Moon is waiting to talk to you. This is becoming a predictable routine: every time her rent is due, Honey comes up with some other excuse. Well, this month she surprises you by proposing a solution rather than only asking for leniency. Honey has noticed the way you stare at her feet, so she offers you some private time with them in exchange for the rent. Okay, so you're a little embarrassed that she's noticed your foot fetish, but she ain't wrong. You've been lusting for her slender pink feet for a very long time. You agree to take those feet for a ride and oh what a pleasure!Honey spots the little guy poking up from your groin trying to see what's going on. She tells you its okay to jerk off while worshiping her feet. As soon as your hand is wrapped around that thick boner and your mouth is slurping those slender Asian toes, Honey adds: "you can jerk off to my feet, but that will be for two months rent." Well damn! It's too late to turn back now so you nod in agreement. You suck those perfect toes while squeezing your rod until you splurt a fat load all over the floor. Honey Moon giggles and gives you that big, beautiful smile. Yeah, you realize she took advantage of you, but damn those are some great feet!

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