» » Czech Soles - Beaten by two hookers humiliated and stomped

Czech Soles - Beaten by two hookers humiliated and stomped

Czech Soles - Beaten by two hookers humiliated and stomped

You came to a bordello, you had a great fun with two girls there but at the end, when they want their money you says you don't have any and that you can't pay now. "What?! You have no money you bitch?", the girls get really mad and they want money for the good work they just did! They get you on the ground and threaten to beat you up if you want pay. But when you show them your empty pockets, they get pissed even more and they make you to lick their high heels. You don't want to do that but get aggressive and start to kick you so you rather do what they say. "Since you have no money we will at least use use to have some fun now. Lick the bottoms of our shoes! Now! Do it!". They start to humiliate you, kick you, stomp you on the ground and bully you. You're helpless. You lick their shoes as they tell you because otherwise they would seem to you or to let their big security guy to do it for them. And it's still better to be beaten and humiliated by the girls. You're at their feet barely seeing anything else than their shoes and feet stomping your face and laughing at you, humiliating you and making you lick their sweaty feet. Now the girls let you breath for a while and you have to take off their shoes and massage their feet and kiss them, lick their soles and worship their feet as the looser you are. And they always remind you, what a bitch you are to them, verbally humiliate you and they have fun out of your humiliation and suffering. "I have enough of his stupid face! Me too! Get lost! Out you looser! And don't ever come back without money, bitch!".

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