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Czech Soles - Teacher's smelly nylons

Czech Soles - Teacher's smelly nylons

Your son is a little mean brat at school and his teacher called you at school to explain his behavior and to talk some sense into you as his father. When you come in, she's already in bad mood, she sits you down and starts explaining the situation to you. You're paying attention for a minute but than you start to read on your phone and the teacher gets mad over it. You try to explain and calm her down but she's a real ball-buster. She grabs your hand, hurts it and gets you on the floor near her feet. You have never seen a teacher this mad. She kicks you and stomps you until you pass out. When you wake up, you see her sitting above you, her shoe soles are right in front of your face and she makes you to lick them and worship her shoes...it's so humiliating but it does not end there. She takes of her shoes and now you have to smell and worship her feet and sweaty, smelly nylons. And this is just the beginning...now, get to work. Worship her smelly pantyhose! Now!

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