» » Mistress Irene - Confused Slave Wants To Lick Her Everywhere

Mistress Irene - Confused Slave Wants To Lick Her Everywhere

Mistress Irene - Confused Slave Wants To Lick Her Everywhere

Mistress Irene calls her slave over as she relaxes on her discipline bench. She tells him to sniff her shoe, and when he does, she laughs at him and says �You idiot, that�s my boyfriend�s shoe.� She has him remove it and asks �Do you really think I wear a size 12 shoe?� with no concern for the fact that his eyes are covered and he can�t see a thing. She tells him to suck on every toe, and as the camera pans down, you get an amazing up-close view of Irene�s beautiful feet and toes� and of the slave worshiping them. She tells him her feet are perfect, just like the rest of her, and it�s true � she�s one in a million, with gorgeous feet, large breasts, and the most amazing ass. �As for you, you�re mangled human garbage,� she tells him. When he doesn�t lovingly reply, she tells him to thank her or she�ll kick him in the face. His manners quickly come around and he whimpers a thank you to her.

She has him stick his tongue between each toe while she calls him demeaning names. She says that while he licks her feet he�s likely fantasizing about licking her armpits. The camera zooms in on her delectable armpits, and under the hot studio lights and the heat of a summer day, you might even be able to smell them through the screen. �And if he was licking my armpits he�d probably be fantasizing about sniffing my farts,� Irene laughs. �They�re always so confused,� she adds. She tells the slave that the reason she keeps him in a cage is so he doesn�t hurt himself or society. As she has him kiss, lick, and suck each foot and all of her toes, she reminds him that the day she kicks him out is the day his life is over. She makes him open his mouth and sticks her entire foot into it. She tells him she knows he must like fucking so she�s going to face fuck him. She sticks both feet in his mouth next, which causes him to gag, before he�s called over to lick her armpit. He licks up and down and clearly savours the taste. �Anything that comes from my body is a gift� she tells him. She goes into detail as to just what all those body treats are, and the list is very comprehensive! She turns her attention to you next and calls you a pervert. Irene knows you would do anything to be in the position of this garbage slave, getting belittled by her.

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