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Sophie Stewart - You are so pathetic

Sophie Stewart - You are so pathetic

That clip was created for my money slave- no names were used. At first, your mistress is talking to your mother. Come closer you old bag- she said. I have some work for you before I take care of your son. On your knees you stupid cunt. You will clean my shoes, with your tongue. But do it fast, since...your son is waiting. Yes, do it. Sophie is not impressed with your mothers cleaning skills. She's to slow. Your mistress is not happy at all, so she ordered your mother another task. Your mother will eat your mistress...Well, she gonna clean her toilet. Now your mistress is finally with you in her living room. Immediately she shows you your place. Yes, on your knees below her feet. Your mother was to slow cleaning Sophie's shoes, so you're gonna finish her work. Don't look at your mistress like that, you know you are worthless. Start cleaning. Mmm...you, do that with such a devotion...Now it's time to smell her socks. And she knows you like that. She put's her feet, wearing white socks close to your face. She wiggles her toes inside the socks, and it makes you crazy. And she laughs at you, and continue talking about what kind of loser you are. Finally, it's time for your favorite part, slave. She takes off her socks. And you see her big slender feet, so close to your face...and she lets you sniff and lick them. And at the same time you feel humiliated...but also aroused... There is always a room for another money slave. If you want to devote yourself to me and my amazon wishlist...let me know.

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