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Newmfx - Cindy�s delicious feet

Newmfx - Cindy�s delicious feet

Cindy is on the phone talking with friends and saw in her slave Juliana an opportunity to have her feet worshiped. Cindy gave the order to Juliana go on knees� Are you seeing the soles of my boots?? is dirty so, clean now! said Cindy. Juliana puts the tongue to work on Cindy soles, making them very clean. Now the gorgeous blonde remove the boots that She wears all long day, Juliana was bound to smell and worship the pretty feet, working very well on the soles and between the toes. After a few minutes, Cindy puts her slave on the floor to work with the feet on slave�s mouth, Cindy takes advantage to give some spits on Juliana�s mouth, the goddess wants her feet very wet and shining. To suck the fingers, Cindy puts Juliana on the bed and keep working with the feet until be satisfied.

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