» » Mandy Flores - At Ceara Lynch and Mandy's feet

Mandy Flores - At Ceara Lynch and Mandy's feet

Mandy Flores - At Ceara Lynch and Mandy's feet

Lucky foot boy, how is the view down there? Just as amazing as the smell I imagine. You crave the ripe smell of our socked feet. Already drooling over the taste of our foot sweat. So obsessed with our feet that you would probably eat anything off of them, even the lint and hair that gets trapped in the fibers of our socks.. Foot boy snacks! Fun for us is knowing that you are dying to see our feet, are imagining what our fresh new pedicures look like? Beg foot boy! You know if we allow you to see our naked feet we are going to demand a tongue bath right? You are going to love the sensual domination Ceara and I are serving, you cant help but jack off to us. Go ahead foot boy, jerk your dick. Will you be able to hold it while we slowly peel back our sexy thigh high socks?? First I want you to get to work on Cearas feet. Thats it, do a good job and get in between each toe. We want our feet clean and pampered foot boy. Bet you are dying to cum by now. Too much fun teasing foot boys. Bet you would love to put your dick right here, in between our sexy feet. Jerk off on our feet. Yeah? Go ahead and imagine the ultimate release, this will be only chance you will ever get! Im sure its all just too much and you will have blown your load before this clip was even half over.

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