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Lady Kara - Why Do You Scream So Loud

Lady Kara - Why Do You Scream So Loud

I got home from the gym. My feet are very sweat and the shoes are as well. I thought I will be a foot gagging personal coach for my slave. I command him to sit down back to the wall and start to put my sweat and dirty gym shoe to stretch his mouth. I push my shoe stronger and stronger. He`s so disgusting he start to salivate himself. I only laughing at him and start to spit on his pathetic face when he`s choking and trying to push out my shoe but he doesn`t have a chance with my strong legs. I see tears on his cheeks when he try to get some air. It`s great... I don`t need to tape his nose because when he`s choking and fighting for the air with full throat he can only try to breath. I take of my one sweat shoe and put it deeply in his throat make him to gagging and sniff it the same time. Now the fun is over. I use all my strenght to push my feet in his throat. He squeal like a pig and try to beg me to stop but he can`t say that haha. I saw this in his crying eyes. Few seconds break...and now you must to face the challenge with my barefoot. I put that feet deeply. If you bite me I faceslap your stupid head with my feet. I think after that play my slave can`t eat for a few days.

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