» » Goddess Rea Longest Legs - REA - Mafia Job - Where Is My Money?

Goddess Rea Longest Legs - REA - Mafia Job - Where Is My Money?

Goddess Rea Longest Legs - REA - Mafia Job - Where Is My Money?

The mafia business is perfect for me and my character and I am already respected in the underworld, famous for my beauty and cruelty. It is so easy to find my victims, as they think that because I am a woman, I am not really dangerous for them. Unfortunatelly for them, when they see how wrong they are, it is usually too late for them to sorry! I lent money to a loser musician that he told me that he wants to make a new record. Today is time for me to collect, I hope this asshole has my money! Where Is My Money? - MERCILESS Beatdown Punishment And Humiliation When he opens the door of his apartment, I see in his eyes that there is a problem. I ask for my money and he starts the excuses, that he had a fixed soccer match and it went wrong and if I could give him 2 weeks more! I was sure that this guy is not trustworthy, but this is not a problem at all, as I wait for these situations to have my sadistic fun! I slap his face hard while he annoys me with excuses and I make his face red, before I throw him on the floor! I kick him brutaly while he is down and I Cru.sh his head under my supersexy high heel sandals. He begs me to find a solution, but I make him kiss my feet and I drag him back to the couch, keeping the hard slaps on his stupid face. I squeeze his throat with my strong hands and I smother him with my hands on his face, loving to see the fear in his eyes. It will be fun today! Lick My Sexy high Heel Sandals Clean! - Shoe Worship And Domination This pathetic guy already felt my power and he begs me to make an arrangement for the money. I show him my sexy high heel sandals and I inform him that they are very dirty of walking to come to his place for my money, so it is his fault and he is the one that has to clean them, with his tongue, of course! He looks shocked from my demand, but he finds my foot on his face and I make him lick the dirt from the bottoms of my shoes! His face and tongue become soon very dirty and he looks even more pathetic, I wipe my shoes on his tongue and I fuck hard his mouth with the heels. While I abuse his face under my shoes and he keeps licking, I threat him and Blackmail (Fantasy) him, making him shake in fear. The more he begs me for a solution, the more I dominate him, until my shoes are totally clean! Foot Domination And Humiliation My sexy sandals are like new after cleaning them on his tongue and I ask the loser to remove them. He does what I say, but he keeps annoying me asking for more time to give the money. I shut him up with my foot on his face and I inform him that he has to get used to be under my sexy feet, as I will keep him as my footbitch! I make him lick my feet as I massage them all over his face and I make him suck my toes hard. Some footsmothering is never bad and of course I footslap and kick his ugly face hard, seeing him getting more and more submissive! I enjoy some foot domination fun with the asshole, this is why I love this job, I make all these arrogant and irresponsible losers to slaves under my perfect feet! EXTREME Hand Over Mouth Smother And Faceslapping This guy is so funny, I love to dominate him! But, I am here for business also, I want my money. I found a tape and I handcuff him with it and I sit on his body and start to smother him with my hands. I threat him that I will take his life and I am ready to tape his mouth, but he begs me to let him say a last word. He confesses that he lied to me, the money is in the house and the fixed match that he wants to bet for is not yet played! I don't believe this guy, he licked my shoes, I made him my footbitch, I beat the hell out of him and I am ready to take his life, all for this stupid match! I smother him hard in many ways, having fun with him, as I know I will have all the information I need. My beautiful hands and my sexy long fingers abuse his face, as I block his breath with them and dominate him. I let him breath just when his oxygen is over and I stop just before he passout! CRUEL Facesitting In Sexy Pants - UNTIL ELIMINATION!!! After all this domination and humiliation fun, I know that the money are in the house, that means I can find them. Now I want the fixed match, so I will make more money with it. I sit on his face and smother him hard under my sexy ass, that looks so nice in these pants. I let him breath just to change position on his face and give him some time to say what I want. After long facesitting positions, he finally cannot take it anymore and he gives me the information, even if he knows that it is the only thing that keeps him alive! I laugh and I keep sitting on his face, but the last time is lethal, as I feel him stop breathing under me! Now I just have to find the money and get the hell out of here, if I will not find it, I will send my men to search every inch of this house. But, luckily I find them, so, all good! I had my fun, I have my money, I have my fixed match, what a glorious day! I love being a mafia boss!

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