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Bratty Bunny - Secretary Pantyhose Blackmail

Bratty Bunny - Secretary Pantyhose Blackmail

Hi boss, did you have something to talk to me about? Are you staring at my legs? They�re pretty sexy, right? I�ve noticed that you stare at my legs quite a lot, and you seem to get aroused. Is it my legs or is it my pantyhose? Well I can see from your pants it�s my pantyhose. Are you a little pantyhose freak? Do you wanna worship them boss? I thought you were supposed to be in charge but it looks like I�m in charge now, I�m the boss.

Look at my legs and feet in these sexy pantyhose, I know you can�t stop. Especially when I touch my legs. Do you like how tight they are against my skin, my ass, legs and my pussy? You love it and you�re addicted to them. I have you right where I want you. You need to get down on your knees, right here in my office, and you need to beg to touch my pantyhose. And maybe I�ll let you caress my pantyhose. Is that something that you�d be interested in?

Well here�s the deal, if you want to worship me and my pantyhose, you�re going to have to give me a raise and give me Lots of vacation days. All because you�re a pantyhose freak and you wouldn�t want anyone to know now would you? You�re an addict, it�s so pathetic. But now I know just how to manipulate you. Give it all to me now and you can come crawl over here and touch and kiss my pantyhose.

I can see how mesmerized you are as I rub my legs together. Boss you�re so weak, so powerless against my pantyhose. It�s like we�ve traded places now. You�ve wanted this to happen for so long. And I�m going to get what I want, a big fat raise, for my pantyhose. Good boy, now crawl over here and I�ll give you what you want perv.

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