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Janira Wolfe - You Will Be Mine

Janira Wolfe - You Will Be Mine

Custom Video Script: In this clip, you are the seductive villainess Janira Wolfe who has lured me � a super hero- into your trap. He finds you standing there waiting for him. You�re taller than he is and beautiful. You welcome him very sweetly. �We meet at last. I�ve been looking forward to making you mine.� In addition to your enormous strength, you have telekinetic powers which allow you to squeeze and take him without even touching him. You�ve captured all the other heroes and now you�ve saved the best for last. Now you will break him and make him yours. With that leggy walk of yours you stand over him. �Poor B***. You have no idea how helpless you are�Let me show you how I took the others.� You slowly walk to your seat and sit down in your chair. You give him a sample by slowly crossing yours legs. He finds he can�t move! You have him. He struggles but can�t escape. �Seems I have you already, my dear brave Captain� You begin to squeeze your crossed legs tightly and he feels them squeezing his body. This is how it will be for him: Helpless in your grip. You cross your legs the other way and squeeze tighter. You could Cru.sh him, if you wanted. �Yes, that�s it � try to resist me, darling. It only makes me stronger.� This continues as you entice him to give in. Tight leg crosses which squeeze him. Once you�ve broken him, you release him by uncrossing your legs. You pick him up slowly into your arms. You�ve taken his strength. Your strength is also physical now. There is no escape. He�s yours.

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