» » Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine - Sticky Toes for House Bitch

Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine - Sticky Toes for House Bitch

Lady Bellatrix, Miss Jasmine - Sticky Toes for House Bitch

Lady Bellatrix is over visiting Miss Jasmine and they are sitting in the kitchen chatting, reminiscing about days gone by. Bellatrix mentions the house bitch that Jasmine has spoke of so Jasmine claps her hands and as a devoted slave should you eagerly crawl in at their feet to be subjected to their condescending remarks. Jasmine does put in a good word for you saying you are good at preparing meals, laundry and such and Bellatrix replies, "You mean at fluffing?" which makes them both break out in laughter. Your cheeks are pink, you know you are not much more than an insect to them but you know this is your place and you humbly accept their comments probably even getting a bit aroused in the process.

The ladies give you permission to touch yourself so go ahead. Jasmine tells Bellatrix that she prefers dressing you up as a girl and when she does she has you sucking cocks all the time. Jasmine carries on talking about you, how she takes you to the beach to carry her stuff, how she gives you a bonnet and makes you wear femmy clothes, and how she loves to humiliate you in general. Now that the small talk is over though the girls decide to feed you. They toss watermelon on the floor and start to squash it. Bellatrix bites into a piece and tosses the rest into the pile. Soon it is all squished to liquid and their feet are sticky wet with the juice coming up between their toes. Now Jasmine takes a big piece into her mouth and chews it up and then spits it onto the floor as well. The ladies lovely polished toes blend in so nicely with the juice and now they are going to let you not only lick up all the mess from the floor but lick their feet clean as well. Enjoy it though because the Ladies are talking about producing this beverage in quantity and selling it for $100 a bottle. "Crawl in house bitch and lick it all" Bellatrix orders you.

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