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Kayla Jane - My feet OWN you

Kayla Jane - My feet OWN you

Even though you are a goddess and your legs and feet are perfection and no man is truly worthy of them, you can tell that I'm a big fan and the fact that you think I'm hot also influences your decision to give me a chance to shoot my load all over your shapely calves, perfect toes, and gorgeous soles. You explain that I should feel honored for having this rare opportunity. You lay down some guidelines for me, saying that you don't want me to cum early so no touching myself and how my erection will be so hard that I will likely cum without stroking myself anyway. You want me to wait and build up my load so that it will be worthy of such perfect feet. You hope I can hold out and not get too overwhelmed and decide to stroke myself off, losing my control to you prematurely before you want me to cum. You tell me that you will provide a countdown where I will shoot the biggest load of my life and feel the most intense orgasm.

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