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Erotic Nikki - The Persistent Foot Lover

Erotic Nikki - The Persistent Foot Lover

In this realistic POV foot clip I am just in from a workout and am laying on the bed. you are intersted in some foot time and start playing with My feet. After initially trying to deter you, I relent as I know what a persistent horndawg you are for My feet. I agree to let you have some limited playtime with My feet so that I could finally get some rest. you quickly begin and take the opportunity to really indulge your foot fetish. Sucking My toes, licking My soles and even tickling them is piquing My interest in your activities. I'll think that what you really want to do is jerkoff your hard cock and cum on My soles. And to be honest, you are doing so good that I kinda, really want you to, as well. While you stroke your cock and worship My feet I tease you that I just might chain you to My bed and make you do this all the time. That thought on top of all the foot fun you're having is too much for you and you are about to cum. By now I want it as much as you do so I encourage you to cum. Fill all of those foot wrinkles with your cum. Are you going to clean it for Me or do you want Me to nod off and let all of your sticky jizz dry on My feet? I figured that's what you would want. Secretly, I want that, too.

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