» » I WANT FEET - Long Day, Let's Smell!!

I WANT FEET - Long Day, Let's Smell!!

I WANT FEET - Long Day, Let's Smell!!

Mandy, Dallas, and Chandler have been at the mall all day. Walking for hours in their flats, they've worked up quite a sweat in their shoes. They all flop on the bed as Mandy comments about who bad her feet must wreak as she removes her shoe. Dallas and Chandler make eye contact and giggle as they look back at Mandy and Chandler says, "since when as that ever been a problem?". Mandy looks at them both and asks them both, "do you want to?"......meaning smell each others' feet. Dallas and Chandler immediately laugh and reply...."uh, YEAH!!!". Before you know it the girls are locked in a deep foot smelling triangle. They bury their noses in the toes of the girl next to her and take deep whiffs of their day long foot scent! The girls are enjoying their respective feet but after a while they decide that variety is key and they swap positions to get a good whiff of what they might have been missing!! A sexy smell triangle with some hot young ladies!

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