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TA Worship - Healing Touch

TA Worship - Healing Touch

Honey was a little careless and sprained her ankle. She can barely walk on it and has crutches and her ankle wrapped in an Ace bandage. She goes over to her friend Sunshine�s house for some moral support but Sunshine thinks she can help a little more. She tells Honey that she can make her sprain feel a lot better if she lets her worship her feet. Sunshine takes off Honey�s heel and begins to pamper her good foot with her sheer nylons on. Soon she has the nylons off and she pampers both of her bare feet. Honey soon forgets all about her sprain and she miraculously starts to feel a lot better. Sunshine doesn�t want her to injure herself again so she re-wraps her ankle before she leaves and Honey hobbles away on her crutches.

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