» » Jocelyn Baker - Shy GF confesses her foot fetish

Jocelyn Baker - Shy GF confesses her foot fetish

Jocelyn Baker - Shy GF confesses her foot fetish

You come home to your girlfriend reading on the bed, she playfully starts telling you that she has been thinking about the conversation you two had. You know, the one about not experimenting enough with your sex life..& she has something that she really wants to try but she isn't sure how you're going to feel about it. She giggles a bit, and tells you to keep an open mind..with that she confesses she has always wanted to fuck your cock with her feet. You're so excited by the idea that your cock begins twitching in your pants at just the thought! But you continue to listen..she tells you how she's always liked feet, and that she thinks hers are just so pretty, and that she has wanted to do this for awhile but has always been too shy to ask for it. As soon as she sees that you are open to doing it, she begins teasing you with her feet..her soles, her toes, and even lotioning them up right in front of you. She strips for you, making sure you get great views of her cunt while showing off her feet at the same time. And once she's totally naked, she's ready to have your dick between her feet. You lay down on the bed and she oils up both her feet and your cock before beginning to stroke you..then she puts her feet on you as well and starts running her toes up and down your shaft. You had no idea it could feel so good! She's teasing you with her toes and soles while also stroking you and it's too much to handle, you blow your load all over her feet and she's happy to smear it all in between her toes and play with it. You had NO idea your girlfriend was so freaky! But now you want to fuck her beautiful feet again...

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