» » Octopus – Giada – Double Torment

Octopus – Giada – Double Torment

Octopus – Giada – Double Torment

It’s Giada’s turn and Sara sits behind her ready for revenge! In this session Giada has to keep her feet still otherwise the double torment by Sara and Octopus. In this case Giada proves to have much more self-control than Sara: you will see her keep her feet still while she laughs out of breath and begs to stop, one of the most ticklish girls in the store !! Unfortunately, even her self-control will not be enough, the double torment is waiting for her!!! Electric feather, toothbrush, electric scratcher, flosser, oil and massagers, a real nightmare for the poor nineteen year old ; please! I’m good girl! I’ll be still! Please!!”

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