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Feet for Grades Part 1

Feet for Grades Part 1

Ava Austen is meeting her college tutor but neither woman is really dressed for a serious academic session - Ava has worn outrageous whalenet tights and stilettos while Sahara has chosen to wear clear plastic high heeled boots that show her feet off to absolute perfection AND get them as hot and sweaty as you can imagine (you can see the condensation on the inside of the boots as she forces Ava to inhale from them deeply.)

Sahara shoves her sexy stinky feet into Ava's face, pushing them into her nostrils. Poor student Ava has no choice but to acquiesce in this perverted game if she wants to graduate. She wrestles with Sahara's boots - it's hard enough just to get them off her clammy feet, they cling to her soles.

Ava takes them in her mouth sucks every last drop of sweat from Sahara's soles. Sahara's foot fetish goes both ways and while she makes Ava worship her sticky soles and gag on her toes she removes Ava's stilettos so she can take a look at her feet in those huge netted tights.

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