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Goddess Angel - Fucked Over By Feet

Goddess Angel - Fucked Over By Feet

Just the sight of my perky, pretty Princess toes has you salivating, that budge in your pants growing, aching, desperate... It's commanding you to grip it, go one, grip your cock, fuck your Fisst for me while I fuck up you mind using my soft soles, gliding lotion all over them, rubbing, up and down, thats right, rub your cock wth the same rhythm, up, down up, down. That's a good boy. You feel your mind slowly start to slip away? Thats right, its mine now. Owned by my souls, tempted, seduced, mesmerized by the shape, the texture, counting each little wrinkle that has you breathless. Just keep staring, focus on nothing but my feet, let them intrude into every one of your thoughts.. You're going to be owned by these soles, you know that? I'm going to financially fuck you over, mind, body, and soul for these feet. You want to know what a REAL foot addiction is? You're in for a real treat foot boy.

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