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Abby Marie - Handyman Foot Worship

Abby Marie - Handyman Foot Worship

[Full Movie] When the handyman started to give Abby Marie a really bad deal she started to get really upset with him! That's because she knows this guy is a con artist who needs a good ass kicking but since she doesn't want to get in trouble she decided she'll make him pay another way. That's when she threatened to call his boss and let him know all these things about him that would get him fired for sure. Of course he didn't want that so he was willing to work things out. That's when Abby proposed to him the idea of worshiping those feet of hers to teach him a lesson. At first he was really not into it, as soon as he smelled them he was ready to be out but she wasn't going to let him off the hook that easy. That is when she told him to start kissing those feet of hers, of course he kissed them as he tried his best not to be grossed out. Than he was instructed to start licking those soles of hers all for her pleasure. Best believe he licked them clean to save that job of his, maybe after today he'll learn a valuable lesson of not trying to rip women off in the future!

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