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Dacey Harlot - Foot Love

Dacey Harlot - Foot Love

Dacey Harlot is a struggling college gal that is looking for some part time work, so when she saw the ad in the local paper about a possible job she totally got right on it! The only request was to show up in boots so maybe this will be some sort of labor job. But regardless of what type of work it is, Dacey is a lady that works hard so she was down for whatever even though she was nervous. So when she showed up, the gentleman that answered the door seemed to be just as nervous as her so he asked her to take a seat next to him on the couch. That is when he told her that he would like to worship her feet which she was ok about even though she was a bit shy. So that is when he removed those boots and socks off Dacey, than it was right to licking some feet. He was totally loving it as he licked those feet up and down, making them nice and wet. Of course Dacey was cool about it but she was still a bit shy and embarrassed but it was all good to her potential future boss as he just loved those feet of hers!

Of course, Creepy Bob didn't want Dacey Harlot to leave just yet as he needed some more foot love with her! That's when he got a few more minutes with his new beautiful friend who was definitely shy and nervous. But she was ok for him to worship her feet for a few more minutes. Best believe he licked those feet up and down plus all around. He had those beautiful soles nice and wet from that long tongue of his. Of course he was very happy with Dacey and definitely plans to invite her over again, at least for next time they'll know each other even better. Its safe to say Dacey was a very happy girl and when he was all done with her she grabbed her boots and got up out of there!

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