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Mandy Candy - Limp and Licked On

Mandy Candy - Limp and Licked On

When Mandy Candy got a surprise that she never expected, it scared her so much that she fainted right on down on to her bed! That is when the fellas started to play around with that sexy limp body of hers as she was just in her thong and bra waiting for a special someone. Too bad for her the guys got there before whoever the special guest would have been. So now it was playtime as they had some limb play fun with Mandy while she was off to lala land. After they were done with that it was now down to those soles of hers. That is when one of the guys lifted up those legs of hers and took a good sniff of her feet. Best believe he was liking what he was seeing, that is when he started to lick those feet like ice cream. Of course he was careful as he didn't want to wake her up but best believe he kept licking those feet up and down, he even sucked on those toes. What a wild guy he is, as he just loves to lick on those feet of hers. Hopefully for Mandy she will just think this was all but a hot wet dream of hers and didn't even realize anyone was there to begin with!

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