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Mistress Kandy Kink - Under Kandy's Desk

Mistress Kandy Kink - Under Kandy's Desk

Kandy sits at her desk every day and works on the site. She shows you some of the work she’s doing and comments on a few of the emails she’s received. She mentions that she likes to work with one of her bitches at her feet. The camera angle suddenly changes, and we see her slave cold and naked on the floor, as he kisses her feet and licks her shoes. “He’s probably hoping I’ll fart or sch1t on him,” Kandy says, clearly understanding how depraved this worm is. She returns to her work while the slave continues to busily lick.

As Kandy sips her red wine, she talks about some of her fan emails, including one which requests some ‘encouraged’ bi. “I bet this bitch would like to suck cock,” she says, before she reminds the slave how lucky he is to be her under-the-desk slave. She well knows that many slaves would do anything for this position… to kiss and worship her feet, her stilettos, to smell her farts, to worship her body – including her asshole – to be her toilet, and oh so much more. She raises her arms and says she needs her armpits licked and then she wants her entire body licked, all the way down. “There’s enough body here for more than one slave,” she says, and adds, “The best slave will get my pussy and ass.” Meanwhile, her desperate slave deep throats her stiletto as if his life depends on it. She decides to use him as a mat and jams her heels into his chest and stomach. “Keep your grunting to a minimum,” she tells him, as she returns once again to her website work.

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