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Kendra Heart - Sleepy Foot Worship

Kendra Heart - Sleepy Foot Worship

After Kendra Heart was highly disappointed from her date she decided to just go to sleep on the couch and try to forget all about this! That was until her date decided to come back in to see what she was up too. Of course he knew she wasn't crazy about him but good thing for him he is crazy about Kendra. That is when he started to get up close and personal with those feet of hers. Of course he had to be careful as he didn't want to wake her up so he was very gentle while he licked those yummy feet of hers. One by one he licked those soles up and down, sucked on those toes and even gagged on her foot just a bit for his own pleasure. Than to his surprise she rolled over in her sleep which wasn't a bad thing as it gave him even a better view of those beautiful feet of hers. That is when he continued to licked those soles over and over again until he was fully satisfied. Than it was back out the window and home he goes. This turned out to be the best date even for him!

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