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Jasmine Mendez - mom amp daughter foot spell

Jasmine Mendez - mom amp daughter foot spell

The only thing is could the model be a very enthusiastic sniffer/smeller like she breathes in and snorts all over your soles and in between your toes very hard and strong almost angrily

You will be the in the CEO business outfit with pigtails on the sides and glasses and men’s dress shoes but you will have very dirty raunchy white socks

The other model will be your daughter in younger looking clothes and a backpack if you can as she is just getting home from school if you can.

Ok so this will be a scenario you both are getting home and are extremely tired. You start talking and a letter falls from your daughters backpack. It’s a report card showing failing grades. Your daughter tries to hide it but you pick it up and you two start arguing.

Then suddenly you both feel very weird and both can’t control your bodies and you can feel something taking over, someone is putting suggestions into your minds and you can’t control yourselves you are %100 aware as your bodies begin to act on their own. You sit down and place your feet on a table proped up

(the camera moves down very close to the bottoms of your feet centered)

Your daughter begins taking off your shoes very slowly as she is slightly resisting and you ask her what she is doing and she tells you she can’t control herself.

You tell her to stop as your big huge feet are too stinky from work and too massive for her cute nose to handle.

You wonder why you said the last statement and you begin to say things you can’t control either.
Your daughter takes off the shoes fully and the wave of stink hits her nostrils as she makes a goofy shock reaction and her eyes cross and roll back into her head, telling her mom why is she acting like this and why can’t she control herself, she finds herself now holding your massive socked feet in her hands (the camera now goes to the side of her and your feet) her body is trying to f o r c e her face into your socked feet.

She says as she is visibly struggling how she doesn’t want to smell your giant raunchy moist seductive soles then her face makes a confused at her last statement and then she looses her fight and f o r c e f u l l y presses her face into your socked soles and starts inhaling and snorting hard up to your toes as she reveals her eyes and they are crossing and rolling back in ecstasy.

You tell her to control herself in shock and tell her she needs to pace herself or she won’t have enough snorting suction left for your bare huge moist soles (you start saying this in a seductive tone and after you say it you snap back in control) you are trying to pull your feet away from her but you can’t.(the camera moves back close to the bottoms of your feet) Next your daughter is now starting to peel off your sweaty socks.

You tell her to stop but she can’t and tell you that the stink is starting to fry her brain and she is loosing control.

You tell her to fight it off and fight hard and prepare for the stinky wet overload of funk from your enormous soles and toes. You snap back at the end as she almost has your socks off and you tell her No!

She has finally given into the the f o r c e s controlling her and pops off your socks.

(Camera shot of the sides of your feet from your ankles down and the side of your daughters face as she inches closer to your soles with her sniffing nose) Your daughter now is inching closer to your bare sweaty raunchy soles.

You are telling her no no no! nervously as she gets closer with her nostrils sniffing the air. She then stops and then very fast presses her nose deep in to the stinkiest parts of your toes and snorts extremely deep, strong and loud almost like she is angry.

(Camera returns close to the bottoms of your feet) Your head rolls back in pleasure and as you are returning your head back to its position you have a raunchy ecstasy face eyes crossed all goofy like mouth making an O expression

You’ve now given in to the f o r c e s controlling you telling her to snort deeper stronger and louder, you are going crazy with pleasure as she is sniffing all your feet and deep between your toes. You start pulling hard on your pigtails due to the ecstasy

You keep telling your daughter throughout the rest of the video how big and stinky sweaty funky her feet are in different ways as your voice is getting really loud at some points like you are having an orgasm

Your daughter now gets on your legs and snorts between your toes from behind eyes crossing goofy like and rolling back in ecstasy as you are still going crazy moaning in pleasure.

The video goes on like this until the end and the camera goes to your face as you are making a goofy raunchy ecstasy face pulling your pigtails with the loud snorting sniffing still going on and fade to black

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