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Stella Liberty - You're Hired!

Stella Liberty - You're Hired!

Welcome to the office! I hope you are settling in nicely! I know you expected a secretary once you started here but NEWS FLASH, you're going to be MY SECRETARY. You'll be responsible for bring me coffee, doing all my admin, running errands, and taking a back seat to MY CAREER. The thing is, men are subordinates around here and you'll be the scapegoat of the office should I make any mistakes. I'll ask you to do all sorts of humiliating duties and you will do them because you will fear losing your job. Don't fret if the ladies in the office ask you to rub their smelly feel after work or if they pinch your ass. I'll expect you to work longer hours, flirt with any potential clients that need some ego boosting. You'll be expected to look handsome at all times, smile even when you're not in the mood, rub my feet, and take the fall for any problems around here while my career flourishes and yours goes basically nowhere. Welcome to the office bitch, where your career comes to die and your real life as a slave to women begins.

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