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Taylor Made Fetish - Foot-Cucked

Taylor Made Fetish - Foot-Cucked

Sadie and I are waiting in bed for you. We're completely naked, under the covers. We know this is the moment you've been waiting for. Sit at the end of the bed and watch as we kiss passionately and teasingly touch each other. We know you want us more than anything. Two beautiful girls pleasing you... We don't think so! We think you look better at the foot of our bed, looking up at us as we please each other! Stay down there and we'll shove our feet in your face for you to smell. It's the closest you'll actually get to us! You thought we were nice and easy at first, but now you're going to sit there and watch from a distance! If you want us, you have to prove your worth by starting at our feet and working you're way up. Men are beneath us and you're learning this first hand. Arrogant men are our favorite for rejection. We love to put them in their place. You're not even allowed to pull your dick out. The only thing you can do is worship and admire our perfect feet while we cuckold you from afar.

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