» » Janira Wolfe - Suck Your Track Coachs Dirty Stinky Feet Clean

Janira Wolfe - Suck Your Track Coachs Dirty Stinky Feet Clean

Janira Wolfe - Suck Your Track Coachs Dirty Stinky Feet Clean

You've just finished track practice, and you're the last one left in the locker room. You're about to leave when your track coach, Ms Wolfe walks in commending you on your effort on the long run today. Then Ms Wolfe sits down and says that while you're usually the athlete running closest to her, you were running particularly close today... so close that it got her wondering why...

Your heart skips a beat as Ms Wolfe starts talking about how she hasn't had any time to do laundry, so she wasn't wearing any socks with her running shoes today, and also didn't have time to shower this morning... and you realize before she even says it that she's on to you... she knows about your weakness for dirty stinky feet!

Lucky for you, Ms Wolfe doesn't judge, and actually came into the locker room to put your little proclivity to use! See, Ms Wolfe is supposed to be meeting her boyfriend for a date tonight, and won't have any time to shower... so she needs you to help her clean her dirty stinky feet before she goes, because Ms Wolfe's boyfriend is not a foot boy, and doesn't like it when she doesn't wash her feet before going out.

Of course you're more than happy to oblige and help Ms Wolfe while fulfilling your deepest fantasy... even after she tells you you're not allowed to touch yourself as you worship her filthy, smelly feet. Especially after you find out that she was right; committing to cleaning the divine feet in your face truly can cause hands free orgasm...

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