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Kira Star - Submit To My Feet

Kira Star - Submit To My Feet

Custom Clip: Enslave me more to you. Sometimes big plans on your eyes, your hands caressing your breast, your lips, and more with big plans on your bare feet when you stand and possibly move them sensually. You want me to crawl at them, beg for them, crave to them. Becoming more your toy, your footbitch. You make me repeat sentences, make me now that i’m serving you, working for you, worshiping you, etc. Make me say compliments to you, how beautiful you are. If i had to choose, I definitively prefer to be your bitch and slave, cleaning your feet in devotion that hanging out with a girl or be married. Making me becoming totally yours. In the clip making me also kiss your hands and feet to nod. Sometimes sensually gaze, sometimes bossy gaze, making me no questioning your words or commands. All this kind of things to be mesmerized by you.

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