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Czech Soles - Vampire Footdom

Czech Soles - Vampire Footdom

It's Halloween evening, it's cold outside and charlie just send away last of those damn carollers. "Damn brats! I have no sweets for you. Get out!". Just after few second someone else knocks on the door. Charlie is mad, he runs to the door prepared to scream but these are no , it's this gorgeous young woman with powerful aura. She enters the apartment like she owns it and pushes Charlie to his sofa. He's totally under her spell unable to resist. She orders him to get on the ground and sits down like a queen in a chair. She orders Charlie to submit to her will and reveals who she really is by showing him her vampire fangs, threatening him with punishment. A gorgeous Vampire Lady! Charlie freezes by his fear and immediately starts to obey and lies at her feet kissing them and begging for mercy. She orders him and enjoys a foot worship of all kinds before she puts him out of his misery to set off to a new victim of her charm, feet and teeth!

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