» » Princess Selena - I'm Gonna Make It Shine My Shoes

Princess Selena - I'm Gonna Make It Shine My Shoes

Princess Selena - I'm Gonna Make It Shine My Shoes

Princess Selena is - in real life - a 22-year-old hispanic fitness contestant and friends with Princess Selma. When Selena shared with Selma that she could use some extra cash, Selma told her about how she came over here one time and got PAID just to smack around these "gringo slaves", abuse them and basically just treat them like - Selena couldn't believe it!

After making the piece of kiss her feet and WORSHIP Her, She realizes she wants to really "push its limits"- so remembering that she brought her work pumps with her, she decides to make it "shine them up" for her! While Selma is laughing and encouraging her in the background. You can see the repulsed - yet completely entertained - look on her face as she draaaags the sole of her shoe down the slave's tongue to wipe off the bottoms. Then she decides to wipe off the soles of her other shoes that she wore over to the house! (They are filthy and turn the slaves tongue black. LOL!) And she just drags it down the slave's tongue with her hand- like she is wiping it off on a rag!

You can see the look of POWER on her face as she does this. There is nothing better than watching a young girl realize how much FUN it can be to abuse men! Especially when they are young hispanic women. I find that they are the ones that appreciate it the most- because they are probably the most downtrodden women in our society. :( Well, now they get to see what its like to boss "men" around and treat THEM like servants! LOL!

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