» » Nikki Next - I Need A Fool Like You To Worship My Brat Feet

Nikki Next - I Need A Fool Like You To Worship My Brat Feet

Nikki Next - I Need A Fool Like You To Worship My Brat Feet

Aren't you excited to see my young, sexy feet? Yes, I know you are. I can see you drooling. Look how perfect they are. Look at my soles, stare at my perfect arches and cute wrinkles. They're so soft. You should feel so honored to be in my presence and to be able to look up at the soles of my feet. I know it feels so good to be beneath the feet of a hot, young brat. Worship my feet loser. Kiss my perfectly manicured toes.

I've been walking around all day and now I need a fool like you to worship and pamper my feet. They might be a little sweaty so I'm going to need you to lick it all off. Lick in between each and every adorable toe of mine. They taste so sweet, don't they? Try and put all of my toes in your mouth. I want to look in your eyes with your mouth stuffed full with my foot, lol. You look so pathetic. You're so lucky that I treat you like this, aren't you?

Keep licking loser. Lick my wrinkles and my arches. Make my feet feel special. Show me that you're worthy of being my foot slave. Make them shine with your spit. Now kiss them and tell me how beautiful they are. Tell me how happy my feet make you, tell me again how lucky you are to be here underneath my feet. So many boys would love to be where you are right now.

How does it feel to know that a young brat like me can have so much control over you? I control you simply with my feet. It's so easy. How does that make you feel? Look how easily I brought you to your knees. You're so pathetic.

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