» » Lady Fyre - You're A Loser For Legs, You Just Can't Help Yourself

Lady Fyre - You're A Loser For Legs, You Just Can't Help Yourself

Lady Fyre - You're A Loser For Legs, You Just Can't Help Yourself

Look at you down there, so pathetic. But you just can't help yourself can you? You're such a loser for legs. Groveling, whimpering and hoping for the best view you can get, aren't you? Do you know how pathetic you are? Have you seen what I see? Probably not. Perhaps u have yet to comprehend the depths of your desperation, the depths of your depravity. Just what will you do for the perfect view of my legs?Read less
What is it that you love so much about my legs, what drives you wild about legs in black nylons? What exactly makes you so crazy, so desperate? What makes you such a loser for legs? Did something happen to you when you were younger? Who's legs did you first notice and think, -Wow that makes my cock hard-? Confess loser, confess 2 me about your obsession with legs. I know you remember, tell me-

You see there's so much that goes into a fetish, so much that goes into an addiction, so much that has made you a loser for legs over the years. And no, you are not a loser because of your obsession with legs, you are a loser because of how you deal with it. Staring all the time, you just can't help yourself. And it's quite pathetic. Staring at women's legs so obviously that they notice. I know you get caught staring and it's so embarrassing. And they roll their eyes at you and give u that look and that's so humiliating, isn't it loser?

Well you can stare at my legs here on your screen so you don't have to be humiliated by women in public. I will show you my legs so you can stroke and cum. It won't take much at all, just a quick leg tease and you-ll be shooting a huge load in no time. It's so pathetic. You can't help yourself, legs control your sex life. You are such a loser for my legs.

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