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Czech Soles - Marta's personal foot assistant

Czech Soles - Marta's personal foot assistant

Marta is an actress and she lives a crazy busy live. Right now she's preparing for another act, where she has a major role and her assistant is nowhere to be found. Her regular assistant is sick and there is supposed to be this newly hired guy. Finally he comes over but he does not seem to be as competent. Anyway he's supposed to get anything the actress needs and Marta needs her toes painted to a specific color and he's here to do it. But he really is doing a terrible job - Marta has to paint her nails herself again so what else could he be good for? Marta's feet are her today. She's on the stage all day long and she really needs a foot massage so she orders her assistant to do it. Marta is aware her feet must smell at least a little but what the hell - he's here for her, right? At least he knows how to massage feet, because otherwise he's useless. Marta has few more minutes before she has to go on the stage again and since this assistant has been so incompetent so far he will surely not mind a little torture by my smelly feet, she thinks. And than she makes him smell her feet, kiss them a worship them exactly as she likes it. That's what assistants are after all. Aren't they?

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