» » THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V - Ms. Nina - Laughing At Teachers Fool

THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V - Ms. Nina - Laughing At Teachers Fool

THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V - Ms. Nina - Laughing At Teachers Fool

Ms. Nina is the meanest - and hottest - teacher in school. She is so hot and she KNOWS it. All the young boyys in school DROOL over her- and she loves using it to her advantage. Even the principal is her bitch. Which means she can get away with treating her students however she wants- even if it means she treats them literally like SLAVES.

And she ESPECIALLY likes humiliating YOU- in front of the WHOLE CLASS. Because you DARED to try to stand up to her and even went to the principals office to complain! SOOO stupid- He just told you that Ms. Nina can do whatever she wants. So you had to go crawling back to her class with your tail between your legs- haha. And now she treats you even WORSE so she can make an EXAMPLE out of you!

It starts with her dropping her pencil from her desk. (OBVIOUSLY on purpose..) She snaps her fingers and you have to crawl up to the front of the class in front of all your classmates and -fetch- it for her. While you are down there she KICKS YOU IN THE FACE- and you HAVE to just LET her. She kicks you over and over with her black pumps and the whole class laughs at you. But you HAVE to take it- or she will flunk you and you will lose your college scholarship!

Eventually she makes you suck on her shoe, lick her nylon feet, she shoves her nylons in your mouth, and she even shoves her SWEATY, DIRTY FEET right into your mouth- all of this in front of ALL your classmates!! She LOVES humiliating you-and there is NOTHING you can do.

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