» » Alexa Brooke - Tempted by my soles

Alexa Brooke - Tempted by my soles

Alexa Brooke - Tempted by my soles

My feet control you in every single aspect of your life. Anything I want I get with just a glimpse of my feet. You cant help but ache to be disciplined by my feet. They train you into becoming the most obedient slave possible. Jerking to my soft, wrinkled soles is something you do mindlessly. My toes make you tremble with excitement and my arched petite feet edge you relentlessly. They are your everything and without them you would be nothing. You are unable to think for yourself, my feet do that for you.

Tell me you love my feet, shout it out loud. Spoil them as they deserve and shoe me just what an obedient foot stroking slut you are. Go ahead, smell them. Press your snout right up against your computer screen and take one giant whiff of perfection and fall comatosed to my aromatic scent. You need me, you need my feet and you will do anything for the privilege of being owned by such divine soles.

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