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Newmfx - After the beach

Newmfx - After the beach

Alana loves to go the beach in sunny days, forget the stress of work and just relax. She walks on the sand and plays with her feet in the sea, before to go home, she washes the feet to remove the sand with fresh water. Her house is not so close to the beach and after this long walk wearing flip flops, her feet are sweaty again and she decided to put her submissive slave to clean. The slave starts just smelling Alana's soft sweaty soles before to lick them. The slave is doing a great job, giving much pleasure to the goddess that decided to keep the worhship. Alana orders to Bruna keep her attention to the fingers, sucking and licking between them, this really turn she on. The goddess spend some time there, rubbing the soft soles in Bruna's feet until she be satisfied.

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