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Czech Soles - Sexy new boss foot worship

Czech Soles - Sexy new boss foot worship

Jack is one lazy employee and it maybe worked for the old boss but now there's Rebeka! The company was bought by new owners and Jack has now new boss - Rebeka. She's not mean most of the time, actually she's quite nice to her employees, at least those she had the change to meet so far. Now she appeared in Jack's office to meet him and to give him some more work and she finds him listening to music and playing Solitaire on his PC! Jack didn't noticed her at all at first and as she greets him, he tries to close the game and music in a hurry but Rebeka already knows. She introduces her self and Jack, who is now ashamed and afraid what's gonna happen now is all nervous and babbling when he speaks. Rebeka tells him what is his performance and now it is all explained - he's not working, he's just playing games in his work hours! Jack tries some lame excuse but the boss is pretty pissed now. In order not to throw Jack on the street this minute he'll have to work twice as hard and he'll have a one new job from now on. What job, he asks. Now, he'll have to take care of his boss's feet. Worship them, massage them and be Rebeka's personal footstool anytime she wants. Jack is shocked but anything is better than be on the street without a job....So! Let's test your second job right away. Let's see how much you want to have your job! Shall we?

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